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CHUDO, head monk


Luis Chudo Escobar first encountered Zen in 2003, at Mexico City's Centro Zen Maezumi Kuroda. His dedication to practice led him to participate in the foundation of the Black Scorpion Temple and to establish a close link with Hosso Sensei.


Chudo ordained as a priest in 2008 at the Hazy Moon Zen Center of Los Angeles, where his teacher,  Nyogen Roshi, resides. He has found a family and a home in the TEN's sangha and its retreats.


As head monk, Chudo is in charge of the sangha's organization and harmony. With all the other members of the community, he strives to make the temple's environment safe and welcoming for practice. As a famous teacher says: Practice is simple because it really is simple; and it is difficult because it is really difficult.

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