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LINEAGE is the bloodline of Dharma transmission. Living practice thrives here, handed down through 82 generations of teachers. Since Shakyamuni Buddha, a sincere practitioner, opened his eyes and clearly saw the morning star for the first time, commited students have followed him to maintain that flame of awakening. 


The Black Scorpion Temple is direct heir to the lineage transmitted by Maezumi Roshi to Nyogen Roshi, his student and successor. Nyogen Roshi has himself turned the Dharma wheel during his 47 years of continuous practice, and has placed his trust in Hosso Sensei, our teacher-in-residence.


The living teaching goes beyond words; the subtlety of clear seeing does not linger on concepts. The word "Buddha" means "awake." Anybody can wake up. A shadow of a doubt, no wider than an eyelash, is the difference between daylight and darkness.

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