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The word dharma comes from the Sanskrit. Its Indo-Iranian root dhar means to adjust, to support, to sustain.


Wiith a small d, dharma is all phenomena. Dharma with a capital D refers to the teaching or the Way, the living word of an enlightened being.


Nyogen Roshi talks about the purity of the Dharma and asks: What is purity? It's simple: things as they are. But, how are things?


The Dharma cannot be conceptualized. We can listen carefully and allow the seeds to be planted in a clear mind, which is without distraction, without analyzing. Just listening.


Here you can find translations of some of Nyogen Roshi's Dharma talks,  videos and instructions about form. 


If you want to hear more of Nyogen Roshi's talks, go to the Hazy Moon Zen Center's website by clicking here.

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