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HOSSO, Sensei


Claudia Hosso Politi, Sensei, is the teacher-in-residence at the Black Scorpion Temple.


A native of Mexico City, Hosso Sensei considers her life as an artist inextricable from her practice. Painting inspired her first encounter with Zen when she attended a Japanese calligraphy workshop at Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Tremper, New York, in 1999.


When she met Nyogen Roshi at the former Centro Zen Maezumi Kuroda in Mexico City, she immediatly recognized him as her teacher. She ordained  as a priest with Nyogen Roshi in 2005.


In 2008, Hosso transformed her painting studio in Santo Domingo Ocotitlán into the Black Scorpion Temple. Her goal was to build a retreat center to serve as a santuary for the practice of zazen and a home for Nyogen Roshi´s teaching in Mexico.


A year later, she received Dharma transmission from her teacher and became a Sensei. Her commitment and generosity have been crucial to the development of the sangha. Hosso Sensei is the anchor of our sangha, a reminder of our love for Buddhadharma and a mirror reflecting our aspirations for our practice.



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