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KARUNA: Compassion

Some time before taking Jukai, I heard Hosso Sensei say that one never knows if we receive a Dharma name because of the qualities the teacher sees in us or the qualities we have to work on.


The moment I heard my Dharma name, a struggle full of judgments started in my mind. First I felt singled out because of a "flaw" or something "I lack or am not doing right." Minutes later I stopped that devious dialogue and came back to what was happening: I was taking refuge with the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. But above all, I had the good fortune to be receiving my Sensei's beautiful and wise words.


My conscious relationship with my Dharma name started right there. The moment I let go of my thoughts, which were only causing me to suffer, I came back to COMPASSION. I felt grateful for that. 


Nyogen Roshi says that by taking Jukai, you enhance your practice due to the commitment you generate through the Jukai ritual and with the support of the Three Treasures. 


This way, every time I hear KARUNA, I come back to the present and recall the moment when I first heard KARUNA. I recall Roshi's or Sensei's words, full of compassion, calling me KARUNA. I re-take refuge in my practice, which is compassion.

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